Wow! The delivery got delayed, but they wanted my wife and I to be thrilled so they delivery was on a Sunday. It just happen to be the day of the yearly New Balance Falmouth Road Race. In spite of that the delivery showed up on time! I slept in the ‘Antigravity’ position. When I woke up I tried the whole body vibration feature. After using this feature only once or twice I noticed that all my black and blue marks around my right angle gone and my itchy spots that I constantly apply cream for had almost fully disappeared! My wife and I do not agree on anything. Welcome the story of the three bears, we all know it. We bought a split king bed and my side was just right, but hers was too hard for her to sleep on her side. I call American Sleep Therapy, they sent my wife a mattress topper so she could be as happy as me. Now you tell me, what bed store would do that to make you a happy customer? None. We’ve bought nice mattresses from name brand stores and none of them offered us that kind of service. Oh, and one more thing the entire bed frame system is bolted together, no pop rivets to loosen up and cause problems later. Thank you American Sleep Therapy.