Customized, Quality Rest

Split Beds provide adjustability for you and your partner’s unique needs. It has two independently adjustable sides for customized head to toe comfort.


Improving Circulation and Relaxation

The Multi-Directional Circulatory Massage System installed within the bed helps stimulate blood flow and improve circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed. The upper motor relaxes your neck, shoulders and back while the lower motor provides relief for your hips and legs.


Independence without Isolation

Split Top Beds provide a customized sleep experience, without compromising closeness, by only splitting adjustability at the head of the bed.


Benefits Beyond Belief

For people who suffer from chronic back pain and other types of physical ailments (i.e., sleep apnea, acid reflux, diabetes, fluid retention, hip or spinal issues or symptoms of hiatal hernia), sleeping at different angles may prove to be more comfortable by relieving pressure.


Snore No More

With an adjustable bed you are able to elevate your head, open your airways, and stop snoring without putting pressure on your neck.


*We do not promise a cure for any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned, simply relief in most cases

Better Days Start With Better Nights

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