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Sleeping is essential for every human being. Your brain recharges, your cells repair, and important hormones are released. With all these important functions going on in your sleep, 30% of people still don’t get enough of it.

Most of this restlessness is due to inconsistent sleep. People wake up too often during their sleep cycle and can’t go back to sleep. This can lead to health problems and increased risks of accidents or mistakes throughout the day due to lack of concentration. Sleep apnea and snoring are the two most common reasons people wake up throughout the night.

Studies have shown there are ways to relieve the symptoms of sleep apnea, as well as reduce snoring. The best option is to evaluate your sleeping position. By sleeping in a traditional flat bed you may be actually inducing back pain from your spine being pushed out of alignment. This can be caused by your old spring mattress recoiling, and pressing/applying pressure to your hips which is just the start of your alignment challenges on these flat mattresses. Feel rest assured that American Sleep Therapy offers relief options! You first must understand that the human body is heaviest from the hip to your head, understanding that we are heavier on the top half of the body we offer a sleep system that is designed to elevate. The benefits you will receive will be easier breathing, and less pressure on your neck, shoulders, and respiratory system. Our sleep system also elevates your knees above your hips which will provide your with tremendous relief from your hips and back.

So take a deep breath and call us today at 855-275-3370 for your best night’s sleep

*We do not promise a cure for any of the symptoms or conditions mentioned, simply relief in most cases.

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